We listen, assess, advise, lift and shift governance capacity and expertise into the organisation to support, develop and deliver safe, CQC compliant high-quality services.


We are work as an outsource provider of governance working in the back and front office. We integrate where needed, enabling Board to patient facing capability.


Our collaborative approach enables the organisation to develop and embed sustainable capability and compliance in clinical governance standards. We continue to routinely support organisations in implementation of systems and delivery of good governance providing assurance to the Board, the staff, partners, investors and patients.


The AGA system combines experts with products and services embedding and delivering a system of organisation wide governance with tangible outputs and outcomes, enabling continuous improvement and assurance.


The AGA system:


  • Test compliance, commitment, capacity, capability and culture

  • Use AGA products and services eg policy, risk and incident management

  • Apply AGA specific assets eg AGA Universal PROM, staff handbook and service delivery templates

  • Build capacity and capability in staff eg training delivery, newsletters and forums

  • Independent assurance systems eg Guardian for speaking up & staff surveys

  • Added assurance that service evaluation and programmes are delivered by an external and independent service

  • Time tabled high quality outputs e.g. reports, and business value outcomes e.g. UPROM, that cement relationships, reputation and growth


Achieving and maintaining a Good or Outstanding rating has legal, financial, clinical, brand and business growth value.