Nicola Jones | Founding Director

Nicola has worked in the NHS and independent healthcare sectors with extensive experience across a wide range of healthcare services and organisations. These include commissioning, primary care, acute trust, community services, Covid incident control centre.

Nicola has led transformational change across a range of services and worked on several projects leading to significant improvements in quality and governance.  A key example of this is the work Nicola completed with the Kent and Medway Crisis Care Concordat, which was formed to bring together services involved in the care and support of people in crisis.  Nicola led the development and implementation of the Mental Health Street Triage Service, which formed part of the concordats commitment plan and ensured the service was well governed and presented demonstrable evidence of its impact and delivery. 

Nicola is a passionate advocate for effective governance and has demonstrated its importance in improving quality and ensuring the patient remains the key focus of any service or system.  She continues to work towards building the capability of teams and services to understand and deploy good governance in all they do, thereby ensuring great patient care.

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